Monday, 13 August 2012

The Little Black Dress : Funeral

The Little Black Dress : Funeral

Oasis vintage black dress
$100 -

VILA blazer
$47 -

Wedge ankle booties
$44 -

Alexander mcqueen handbag
$1,710 -

Mini hat
$21 -


  1. I Love Smart Chic Designs! Iv'e been looking for a site like this! Will share with family and friends!
    The little Black Dress is my Favorite! Also like The Fairy Tail!

    1. Thanks for the positive feed back glad you like it

  2. Wow was surfing for school clothes for my neice and we came across this site she is Emo and soon as she seen the dress and boots she had to have them so lol

    I been suckered in by a 14 year old lol anyway Nice site and nice items they look better then what she normally wears so I am really happy actually lol compared to the Slip Knot and Black Niel Brides clothing.

    1. Thanks should get Emo the boots for her 15th birthday...she would be ectatic...

  3. Wow,
    the combination is looking so perfect.
    simply love it !!!